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About myself
By nature I am very cheerful, I like to give my smile, which I hope is pleasant for you.;) I am very kind, loving and tender and of course I would be glad to accept care and attention of my man…. I am not too jealous or demanding…Being very communicative, I like good conversation and I have many nice friends. I consider myself feminine, filled with the special energy which I would like to give to my man. I am easy to learn something new, to try something new… And as a positive minded person I believe in good future.;) My biggest goal in life is the real family, which I value the most and I hope to reach this goal soon.;)
About him
First of all I am very interested in finding my only one, with whom I will create my wonderful family. I am not afraid of other nationality or religion, or age, the sign of horoscope does not matter… To my mind, the most important is to realize that this person is my love, my dearest friend, my partner. I believe in closeness of two souls, by the way… I hope my man will have warm heart, romantic spirit and active state of mind. :) Also I would like to him to love kids and to be friendly and positive minded.;) He has active life position and adores traveling, learning new things and communication.;)