About myself
I'm a calm and well balanced person. Communicable and benevolent. I try to stay with people in a good relations. And even if we have opposite thoughts I always try to find peaceful way and to avoid conflict situation. I do not like lie and betrayal. And I think that one of my strongest qualities is that I am a person who appreciates good relations and attitude!
I do not like to put ahead things which I can do today. So, I can say that I am a person of a decision:) I am tender and passionate, like art and creative decisions:)
About him
If you paid attention to my personal information you could find that I am calm person and that I do not like lies. So, I want to find the same honest and kind person as I am. I want to see my soul mate well balanced and intelligent. What is also important for me that he leads an active and healthy life style. Because it is the only thing in life which you can not improve once you lose it! He is strong, reliable and attentive! He is a man with whom it is interesting to talk and to share time. He knows where he goes and needs me to feel support in everything:)
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