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Single Ladies
About myself
I am an optimistic woman. I am open to everything new: communication, knowledge and relationships. I love life and enjoy its beautiful moments. I am in love with nature, animals, interesting and beautiful places that I would like to see and visit. As you have already understood, I am an open and honest person; therefore I will not accept lies and dishonesty. You can be sure that I will also be honest with you always.
About him
After reading the previous part of my profile, you may be surprised, but I'm looking for a man with a good sense of humour. I also appreciate in a man decency, honesty, masculinity, sincerity and kindness. If, besides everything else, you also have a sharp mind, then you can definitely win my heart. Stability is also important for me, I do not need castles and mountains of gold, I just want to be confident in the future with you. It will be great if you lead the active and healthy lifestyle just like I do!