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Single Ladies
About myself
I am the lady who is said to be "a little can go a long way":). It means that I am a little slender lady who is strong enough to go for the aims I have set. I don't give up even if its rather complicated, that means that I can be a great motivator and inspiration for you, my gentleman.
I am a kind-hearted, easy going and communicative person who loves the life with its beauties and neverending opportunities. I am optimistic so I do not lose faith and of course I am energetic as an energiezer bunny:).
I am also sympathetic, I like animals and when I have free time I am a volunteer in the local animal shelter. I think that a human being should always remain a human being no matter what whith his pure heart and desire to make the world a better place to live.
Well, there is only one thing this treasure lacks, and I am talking about my partner, my soulmate, my beloved. I have so much to share and to give, that I do need you! :)
About him
I am looking for a partner, the one to have the moments of our lives together as we are worth it :).
I am not looking for a perfect person, as I know none exsists. But here is a beauty of the situation, there are no perfect people, but together with our pros and cons we are so special and so valuable.
Everybody has his or her own experience behind, and that is why I have realized that appearance and age do not matter at all. I need a person with common interests, with the same desire to make one's life complete. I need the one to make the lonely evenings brighter. I need the one I can discuss the latest news with, go along the park lane holding our hands tight discussing the movie we watched in the evening.
The most important demand for my gentleman is honesty, sincerity and desire to move forward, to be able to see the beauty around and enjoy the life.
I hope you exist, my Mr. Right, and I'll find you no matter what! :)