About myself
By nature, I am calm, balanced and educated woman. I am always discreet towards people and their emotions. I never say bad word, which can hurt person’s heart! :) I am polite, smiling and benevolent to everyone, accordingly I am surrounded with good and kind people! :) As by nature I am calm and balanced woman, I prefer to lead a relaxed life style... Sometimes my friend is book :) Although I love communicating with people.. I am sure with the help of word you can learn a person. Do you agree with me?
About him
Around the world there are a lot of good men and among them I hope to meet only my man! He shouldn’t be ideal, he needs to be just only one man. The most important for me is creating strong relationship which is based on understanding, honesty, loyalty, care, love. I expect to meet the man, who is ready to share the same interests with me, discuss different themes and have a great sense of humor! :) It would be nice if he likes traveling, we can do it together! :)
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