About myself
If you ask my friends to describe me, you will definitely hear that I am a very loyal person. Most of my friends are from many years back, and we are super close to each other. They say that I am very kind and calm, and what is the most important in friendship sympathetic. I do not like empty promises, so I do appreciate honesty and understanding from people around me!!!I love to plan and can be very well organized or in the right situation I can as well just be spontaneous.
About him
The most important for me is the beauty of the soul of my partner. I would be grateful if he will be smart and self-sufficient man, to whom I will trust and will let into my loving and kind heart. He would make me very happy if he would have his own purpose and his favourite things to do in life. At the same time I am sure we would find many things to do together as a couple as well! I have a son, so it will be wonderful if my future husband can become good friends with him and set him a nice example.
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