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About myself
I am always honest with myself because I believe only peace and harmony bring happiness in my inner world. Therefore, I am a calm, friendly, ambitious, enthusiastic, tolerant, positive and supportive woman. To tell the truth, I am a tall, slim lady with plump lips, rosy cheeks and shining green-brown eyes. Apart from it, I am a hard-working person and always do my best in order to achieve high results. That's why, I can't live without developing myself and my skills. I am aware of different exciting activities. Nothing, I think, can beat emotions that you get from sport. To my way of thinking, sport is a great opportunity to stay healthy and to be in a good mood. That's why, I go to the gym several times a week and tend to lead an active lifestyle. Moreover, I am fond of cooking unusual dishes. The more I cook the more I realize that I am in my element when I do it.
About him
Now I am looking for a like-minded, romantic, reliable and supportive man who would be willing to make an exciting, interesting and amazing things for his loving woman. Frankly speaking, I appreciate this trait, and I am really ready to give my love in return. To be honest, I don't have children now but I want to build serious, serious and long-termed relations. I imagine how we would soak up the feeling of mutual love, understanding, respect and inspire each other to create something new and beautiful every day. Furthermore, I desire to feel the comfort and peace of your loving arms. We would swim in the warm, gentle sea of care, faith and joy. In addition to, I need someone who will value my attitude to him, behave like a gentleman and make the efforts to discover my personality and my inner world.