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About myself
It goes without saying that I am a active and spiritual personality. I am a creative person with a high level of spirituality. In addition to it, I am a confident, beautiful, wise, dell-read with great manners lady. What is more, I am keen on fashion, photo, video and traveling. Apart from it, I am engaged in the expansion of consciousness and the influence of thoughts on the development of personality and life generally. I go in for sports from my childhood and now I am in a perfect shape. Actually, I am a faithful and family-oriented woman. I enjoy being in the fresh air and meeting with my friends. Furthermore, I am passionate about reading, walking, drawing sketches of clothes and jewellery, traveling, doing sports, learning foreign languages, creating jewellery, resting in the spa, going to a beauty salon and needleworking.
About him
I need a kind who is looking for his beautiful queen. To my mind, he should be a wise, smart, successful, well-read, confident, spiritually deep, generous, serious, kind with perfect manners gentleman. Moreover, he is interested in traveling and ready to create his own family.