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About myself
Kind-hearted... that is the first impression of me when someone asks my close people, what is my best feature. Sometimes they tell I am too kind. Is it bad? I believe, not at all! I am just a tender woman with big dreams and loving heart. I like to take care about my close people. I have a very warm family. And my biggest dream is to have my own loving and happy family. If you are looking at me right now and thinking I am too young, to slim, to small - stop! I am able to put the sun into the sky and make the starts more bright in the night.
Have you ever heard every woman is able to do a few things at the same time? I can do even more than a few things. Cook a dinner? Pat the shirt? Answer the phone call? Stay smiling and satisfied? Yes! I am able, I am this woman! I have a great gift. The gift to love and bring pleasant moments. When I find you, do not run away, I will make you happy for sure!
About him
Every day, every hour I dream to find my soulmate! Yes, I do believe my soul is somewhere and we will meet someday. I do not know where are you now and how do you look like, but I already can not take a breathe without you. I want to have you everyday and every moment in my life!