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About myself
Easy to communicate, cheerful, open, able to show emotions and feelings, very tactile, gentle and caring girl. I am very feminine, my behavior, voice, movements and elegance are laid down inside at an intuitive level. I have a great taste for life, intuitively always choose the best. I know how to enjoy the little things, everything. I know how to cope with negative thoughts and work through everything in me. I am positive, like to smile and charge others with happiness and harmony. I am monogamous, fidelity and honesty are important for me, therefore it is extremely important that a man be reliable, whom I can trust and be myself.
About him
The first thing I put attention is the mind, it is important for me that a man be wise. I appreciate care, support, fidelity in men. I like when a man happily indulges his beloved woman, receiving in return even more energy for new achievements. Generosity is a sign of sincerity. It is not only about financial generosity, it is important for me that a man be generous with emotions, care, love, tender words, hugs! I really like ambitious men who have their own interests, love to travel and fill life with meaning. For me , it is important to feel behind a man as if behind a stone wall. In return, my man will receive incredible energy of love, happiness and care. He will get a feeling of comfort wherever they are together. I dream of becoming a real wife , while doing my own business and interests, traveling and relaxing with my beloved man.