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About myself
Tender flower in search of a strong and protective man. Till the rest of our lives. I believe in love, I believe in faithfulness, and I believe that since hearts get close nothing can break them apart! I am very versatile and in me easily get on two sides - I love fireworks but I do not like noise, I love having fun with friends, but I love to spend the evening at home in a romantic, warm and calm atmosphere, I can be very passionate, but only with one man. Want to be this one man and learn both of my sides?)
I'm a smart and witty person. If you are looking for a good conversationalist - this is me! if you are looking for an adventurous person, ready to wake up one day and travel in another country - that's me! if you are looking for a good cook - it's me too. But if you are looking for a silent and melancholic, obedient woman - it is not your place.
About him
I am looking for a man with whom the level of endorphins in my blood will grow rapidly and I will feel happy with him. Everything is simple
Hmm... actually, I ama very patient person, so I am looking for a driven guy, with a huge Cheshire smile, full of tricks and excellent ideas. if he would look for a family full of love, devotion and crazy yet close friendship, it would be ideal.