About myself
I am a woman with a bright personality, genuine, tender and loving soul. I am cheerful and optimistic with lots of energy. Creative and purposeful is also about me. I think it is possible to reach a goal if you have faith and never give up on your dreams. By the way I am a big dreamer who makes my dreams come true.:) I am family-oriented and desire to create a happy family full of love, passion, respect and honesty. I can offer my sweetheart sweetness of love, genuine support and a sense of true paradise. :))
About him
I am looking for my true man who is reliable, faithful yet intelligent and confident. He is confident about himself and about what he wants from life. He is not only a man of word, but a man of action. I am looking for a man who values family and can be supportive and protective. He is responsible, caring, he has a strong core, sincere, genuine and kind. He is clever, yet loving and passionate. It would be great if he has a sense of humor. :)) He knows how to love and receive love in return. If you are attracted to me be brave to approach me first. :)