About myself
I am very cheerful, affectionate and bloomy lady.:) I am energetic and very peaceful at the same time. Being warm-hearted, kind and compassionate I love helping people. I believe that all living creatures respond to love and care. I guess that’s why I chose the medical field. I have a lot of friends and like spending time with them. They always can rely on me. I am family oriented person and I know how to create peaceful and cozy atmosphere at home. Besides that, I am a dreamer. : ) I have a lot of dreams. But my cherished dream is to create lasting family based on love and mutual understanding with my beloved. I want to share my love and my life with him. I think that when we share life it is getting sweeter. Do you agree with me? :-)
About him
I am looking for a real man: kind, loving, generous, compassionate and communicative. I am looking for someone who knows how to care about people. Those types of people are hard to find, but easy to notice. I am looking for someone who can have a conversation with me, but rather enjoy it. :), someone who is confident without arrogance. I see him supportive, stable, protective and reliable. He knows what he wants from life. Family is in the first place for him. Also I am looking for a decent and responsible man with the sense of humor.:)
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