About myself
if I have to describe myself in a few words, I would say I am a cheerful, life-loving, friendly, gentle and affectionate woman with a good sense of humor and strong life position. Also, I can add that I am a hardworking person… Yes, it is all about me:) I try to see only good in people… I am rather an optimist:) and I am always open to new knowledge and experience!
About him
I know what kind of man I want to give my heart to:) first of all he is a positive thinker and has a positive outlook in life, he appreciates life! Also, I would like him to be smart, caring and reliable. For any woman it is important to know that her man will help in any situation! he is an interesting interlocutor with a good sense of humor. He is a man, who is ready to do romantic things for his woman:) he likes to travel, he is honest and has good manners:)