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About myself
I am a very purposeful lady and I will get what I want in any case! Moreover, I am a witty, sociable, kind and sometimes too shy person! I am interested in make-up because it is something that makes me relaxed. I like different kinds of dances such as go-go, jazz-funk, hip-hop. Desires to travel are in my blood! I visited many cities in Ukraine. I am a lady who wants love right now! You cannot take your eyes off me already! I dream to become a qualified economist. Do you imagine me before the computer on my working place? My family is my reason to work at myself and to be open to the world! I want to share all my knowledge, all experience with my future husband and my future children! Any acquaintance is like a new step toward perfection.
About him
Love is unpredictable! We will never know where and when it happens! I dream about a clever, interesting and handsome man who will bless me with his kisses and hugs! Are you quite good at cuddling? I am the most demanding person about this! I adore kind, responsive, clever and tender persons. Are you that kind of guy? My soul is filled with romance and great plans! It is time to share them with someone special. My man should be confident, smart, cheerful, responsible, caring, faithful, polite, generous and have strong hands to hug me!