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About myself
As for me, I am a very kind-hearted, cheerful and sensitive person. Moreover, I really love and appreciate my friends. In any situation, I am always ready to listen to them and help. To be honest, I am well-rounded because I am passionate about learning something new and improving myself. That's why, I live with big energy, enthusiasm and happiness. My lifelong dream is to create a strong family. I always make efforts to be well-rounded in different things. For instance, I am keen on traveling, reading, walking, cycling and dancing. I also love being outdoors and I have amazing pets at home. What is more, I enjoy sunsets, fitness and sea. Now, I lead an active lifestyle and cook only healthy food. I always try to find out something fascinating and curious in my daily life. Frankly speaking, I wish to get to know the world and all its miracles. Actually, I like new challenges and adventures. I live with an open heart, and I don't regret anything that happened. I am honest with myself and hear what my heart desires. I like to focus my energy on exciting trips, reading, cooking, swimming and dancing. However, I try to spend a lot of time on my education and personal development in different fields. It is very essential for me to do what I am really interested in and what I am good at.
About him
My heart is full of romance and hot fire of passion which I would give my partner. If you are ready to perform the role of my soulmate, then I will become your gentle and beautiful woman. To my way of thinking, my future partner will be sporty, active, smart, financially secured and kind. Furthermore, I hope, he will be in love with nature, traveling and children. I need someone who is ready to change his life and stays true to himself. Furthermore, I want to find here a person who is ready to build his own world with a lady he loves. I hope to meet a positive person with a strong character and kind heart, who is exhausted to be alone and needs my love and care.