About myself
I'm very emotional, kind, understanding, forgiving. I'm very trustworthy, I hate lies, I don't like hurting people. I prefer staying active than sitting and watching. Also I can say that I'm curious, loving, assertive, loyal, physically fit, well-proportioned, honest, smart, educated, natural, kind, helpful ;). Of course I hope you will add something when you communicate with me :) Maybe I have shortcomings?:)))))))
About him
My search is not special and the man I would like to find should be simple and a gentleman. But of course for me he will be my prince! :) I'm ready to give him my life, my heart and my soul. He is dedicated, affectionate, loving, careful with me, educated, and funny. He can respect the opinion of his woman and be tolerant. He is able to understand my small woman's whims;-) I'm such a weak woman inside!:) Close relationships means giving and receiving. I have a lot of passion and warmth to give. Are you ready to receive?
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