About myself
I consider myself a responsible and active worker, positive person who always greets people with a smile. I love pastime with friends and family- they see me as I am : open, communicative, sincere, cheerful. I am always looking for the ways to get new experience and knowledge, I am not afraid of something new, vice versa it makes life more colorful and interesting:)
About him
Everyone dreams to find a good person for life and actually I am not an exception:) For me it’s important to feel his attitude to me, care and love. I imagine him as active, cheerful and communicative, in his company I can feel myself comfortable. Also he is a loving, kind, caring and attentive husband. I think in any relationship the most important is to be friends, that you can share thoughts and feeling and get support in return. I wish to be happy and a good man with big heart and soul can make me one!:)
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