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About myself
Now there are very few women who are able to give all of themselves to relationships)
Many are emancipated and independent. This is not about me. I can live well without relationships, but only in love I burn and I am inspired.
I am the woman with whom you will be a pleased man;) I just have so much saved love and care for the right man;)) I am filled with it. Passion lights the fire in every soul. I can light the fire in a soul of a special man;) The fragrance of my woman’s femininity is sweeter than the perfumes of a million roses...
I love working with children. Children taught me to be tolerant and very calm towards irritants and sorrows) And I really love their pure energy and souls ;)
About him
I may like an overbearing and self-confident man, next to whom I will be a playful and cute cat. The atmosphere of permissiveness and adoration that he will periodically feel with me will not leave him a chance for a bad mood. To be together for me means to be the most reliable, necessary to each other. No hesitation of the pendulum, we belong together!
I want to be his goddess, the woman who changes his life for the best, the woman which makes him breathe.
You know they say that the man’s life, the man’s happiness and luck depends on the woman. If she loves him, caress for him, satisfies him in all ways, he becomes the happiest and the luckiest man ever. I do want to make a special man the luckiest and the happiest one in the whole world;)
Love is the poetry of the senses. I want him to become a real poet with the love I will give to him;) Ready to write poems for me about love?
Some people spend their lives watching others dance, and some dance, leaving others watch. Let the world watch how we dance;) Let’s have our special love dance;)
We will match each other, as a real union of experienced man and woman.