About myself
I like friendly and honest people-we get along pretty well :). I am very sociable and easy-going person myself actually! I can find common language with any new person normally. I like new places, new people and traditions, because new emotions bring freshness in life! I see myself as a person who is able to listen to others and give a good advise if needed. Life for me is a great adventure and I am ready to share it with you!!!
About him
What is my idea of a man for future happy life? I imagine myself the one who has strong family values, caring and kind. He is someone who respects me and cares in any situation. And of course he can rely on me to do exactly the same! :) My man accepts and loves me the way I am, and when we are together we feel complete. This is the true love for me! Being a mother, I would like to find the person who is able to accept and love just me, but my child too. I know that finding the right person is not an easy work, but I am very determined and absolutely ready for it! :)
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