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About myself
I am optimist lady by nature. It is why I think that very little is needed to live a happy life: a sun ray that is beaming through the clouds, fluffy snowflakes that are kissing your face in a winter day or a walk barefoot on the sand in summer. Happiness is my daily choice.  Anything can bring me inspiration. I am easy going and accepting person who loves to learn something new. I feel comfortable in my own skin. Being a warm and open person I appreciate openness and honesty in people. I am not complicated person. My friends say that I am a wonderful friend.  I am young and intelligent. I believe that I should always develop my personality to be unique and interesting.
I am leading an active life style and adore traveling. So far I was able to discover some wonders of France, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and been to  some countries of the former Soviet Union. I like to dive into a new culture at least for a short period of time:  visiting museums, walking along the streets, trying different food and meeting with interesting people. The world is full of wonders and I would like to explore it with my beloved man.
I like to discover new things and interested in history. I am fond of stretching, fitness and functional training. Also I like walking in the nature, listening music and watching movies or cartoons :)  I am fond of cooking. I like to try new recipes and tasty yet simple dishes. :) I like to spend time with my family and meeting with my friends.:)
About him
I am not looking for prince charming. But for me it is important to meet my twin: a man who has the same values and view of life. True love, mutual care, respect, support and attention between me and my man are priceless for me. I am dreaming to have cheerful, balanced and dynamic man by my side.  I like to meet a purposeful man who knows what he wants in his life, yet who has a warm and generous heart. I am looking for a man who values family and who can be supportive and protective. My man is easy going and optimistic. He knows when to have fun and when to be responsible. It would be great if he has a sense of humor:)  I want to feel loved, desired and adored by my man. I believe that like attacks like. I am ready for new feelings and emotions. What about you?