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Single Ladies
About myself
My best trait is a my generous and vivid nature. I always share if I see I can be useful not even in material way, in most cases a good word can be a true treasure for someone who is in despair. I teach my daughter to be kind to this world and to respect herself. Woman should be treated as a very special flower that would never fade and will make all around bloom together with her if she is in right hands. I do like being to the river side and we chase after butterflies and dragonflies there, throw the pebbles into the water and enjoy that wonderful feeling of being free and alive at that very moment.
I like learning English and other languages. I managed to survive during three months of online study with my daughter. So now I feel as if I am a hero and flew to the Moon and back.) We also cook a lot and now I dream to finish the courses of multicultural cuisine. I love poetry and songs, even try to write some songs by myself. Looking inside we never know how deep our soul is. But making a glance into our inner world every day you learn to understand yourself and you get a key to your happiness. As one who knows himself knows what he wishes and aspires for in this world. I like family holidays a lot. We have an international marriage in my family already. My elder sister got married to a man from the USA. They are happily married now and I get motivated looking at their joy of being together.
About him
He is fair and loyal. He would never wish to fight and will always give me the last piece of pop corn while we watch the movie in the evening time been back from work after a long, tiring day. He enjoys cuddling and walking hand in hand even if we are 60 and more years together…