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Single Ladies
About myself
I believe that it is very important to enjoy your life, for this it is necessary to fulfill your days with good emotions. I am an optimistic person, in every life situation I try to find its good sides. I have a lot of friends and they say that I am very sociable, like to make jokes and to laugh. Humor is a very nice part in our life. If I need to make some changes in my life I will meet them with a smile and positive emotions.
My interests are so various! I like and quiet life style and active same time) But my life is full of different emotions and I try to leave only good emotions. I like oriental dancing, I go deep inside myself and that makes me feel different from everyday life. You will never be hungry with me, because I like cooking) and do this with a great pleasure. In summer I like to be outside and I like cycling, that is good for health, and for body and to have a good mood)
About him
You never know which man you can fall in love with. Real feelings have no criteria. But some of them are very important for me. Such as kindness, responsibility, honesty. The real man always makes his woman feel stable and secure near him. I appreciate when man brings everything started to the end, and when words do not diverge from actions. Of course I do not believe that love can be born based on these factors. Everything should be together, then it will be true feelings. Are you able to show me your feelings? ;-)