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About myself
I am exactly the kind of woman who knows what she wants. Since I didn't have a colorful enough childhood, I've been dreaming of having a family and a husband for a long time who will put in a lot of effort so that we live a comfortable life.
I’m here because I want to find my real love, I want to find a man who will be my husband in the future.
I believe in karma. I think that karma influences the destiny of a person.
I believe in the immortality of the soul. However, I don’t believe in an immortal life. Maybe I am wrong, but it is my opinion.
About him
I don’t want a simple conversation. I dream about feeling the touch of my beloved man, being with him, not only in letters or on the phone. Do you understand me??
I want to find what I miss so much, this understanding and attention.
I appreciate good men who are not afraid to express their opinions.
I need a real man, and therefore I choose you! I am sure you are the very man without whom my life seems to be empty ...
And which girl do you need ?? What must be on your girlfriend ?? Maybe this is a special figure? Or hair? What is so important to you?