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About myself
I am a very warm and positive lady.:) I am a happy person, and even the smallest things can bring me positive emotions. I am easy- going and not demanding. I am good listener. That’s why I am getting well with people around me . Cheerful, sympathetic and attentive is also about me. I have a good sense of humor, tact and taste.:) I like and know how to create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere at home. Family reunions are always a time of tasty food and fun. I treasure my family.:) My home is my cozy net and it is a great pleasure for me to take care of it and my close people. But I miss my beloved who can find in me bright person, interesting companion, trustworthy wife and passionate lover.:) Got inspired?:) I hope you are intrigued to hear more…:)
About him
I would like to meet kind, caring, and attentive man. He is purposeful and confident. He knows what he wants in life, yet he is loving, supportive and protective. He is generous. He does not need to be perfect, because I think there are no perfect people. But some qualities that are very important to me in a man are: sincerity, faithfulness, warm heart, balanced inner qualities, willingness to communicate He has to value home and family. It would be great if he leads an active lifestyle too. He is energetic, likes sport, traveling and self development. He loves children. I seek a person with a charisma and cheerful. If this is all about you - maybe we were meant to be with each other. :)