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Single Women
About myself
I am calm and well-balanced woman. In my life there is no place for scandals and tragedies. I illuminate positive energy, maybe this is the reason why I have big circle of communication. I have some very close friends, but my family always comes first and I can move mountains for them.:) By the way, I am also ready to move mountains for finding my happiness, a man of my life. I am sweet and romantic and I always appreciate tenderness and attention. I am active woman, but it doesn’t mean that I cannot appreciate nice calm evenings and tender hugs. I believe in love and I am sure that I am lucky woman who will find it again. In my big heart there is a lot of place for my man and for my kids and I can never be tired from showing my love and affection. I hope you are not afraid if woman loves hugs and kisses?
About him
For me it is extremely important to meet a GOOD man. I just cannot be with a cruel or cold man who is focused on himself. I have very warm character and I love to give. However, I believe that love is a two-ways road and I just dream to meet a man with a lot of warmth in soul. I don’t look for millionaire or for super-star, I need a man who I can be always sure in. I don’t have special demands, just normal human qualities, which are important for any person: faithfulness, honesty, no drugs or excessive alcohol. A man of my dreams should be family-oriented and he should be ready to be a good friends for my kids. My son is big, but my small girl needs to see a good example of man. And I want to be proud of my beloved just for what a great guy he is.:)