About myself
I am a goal-oriented girl with tender heart. I am cheerful and I try to treat every difficulty with a part of humor. Life is short, there is no time to waste it on tears, resentment and frustration. I try to fill my life only with good emotions and I would like to fill your life with same emotions too. My life style can be active as it usually is or a bit relaxed sometimes depending on situation. You will never be bored with me ;-))
About him
One thing I really appreciate in a man is confidence. The confidence in himself, in his actions and in tomorrow. I am looking for a man for sincere relationship-I appreciate honesty and faithfulness! I would like to see by my side a man who can listen and hear, because it is not the same. As you might know “women love with their ears” and I would like my ears to hear romantic whisper from my lovely man. I want and I can make my man happy! Happy man and happy woman – what a nice couple!!! You have not to be a prince because I’m not princess, but close ;-)
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