About myself
If you like to be open and maximum honest… then I think we can find something in common, because I’m quite straightforward person. I think it is good. And it is really easy for me to start new things and experiences in life, and I consider myself an active and inquisitive woman) I think to be able to listen is one of my strongest sides… but also… I like to have an interesting dialogue!
About him
I think despite being goal-oriented woman it is not easy to tell what kind of man I am searching for … but if I ask my heart, I will answer easily that he is a decent person first of all!) he is someone who I can lean on and whom I can feel as a tender woman with... and whose honesty will fit mine, I think! Everyone says that humor is a part of a happy relations, and what do you think? I would agree with that! And I think that a conversation is very important as well, when both can listen to each other and hear. So… my smart and funny man… I am here and waiting!))
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