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About myself
I like things which make me happy and it can be different things from baking cakes to traveling or spending lazy days being on the seashore. I love playing summer volleyball and I am interested in fashion, trying to follow all the last brands and look just charming. I am the person who likes making other people happy and smile and who always finds the sun even in hard and cold rainy days. I think that my parents have given me a very good education and a ticket to this life and now I am just trying to improve myself and become a better person. Not everyone pays attention to your outlook but people value you according to your actions, and I am trying to stay very nice and sweet and if I want other people to be good with me. I try to be good with them. I am very interested in fashion. I enjoy hand making things, reading, doing sports and being outside, enjoying nature.
About him
I know that all people are different and no one is perfect. And I am not perfect too! But I would like to meet such a man who knows what he wants from his life and never gives up! I am looking for a family man. I hope he will be cheerful, kind, slightly insolent, with a beautiful sexual figure, faithful. I need a man who can make me happy, who can just smile, kiss and hug me, who will know all my secrets, who will be my best friend and my great love at the same time. I would like to meet a man whom I will trust completely and who will my best support.