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Single Ladies
About myself
It seems like I am a little stubborn since my childhood. I know when I can be right or wrong but before, I always tried to be sure in people’s acts or words if they are right;) Nothing has changed since I was a kid, I am still a creative person, like to think up different things how to have fun, what to do with myself and my child. Love animals, dogs. More calm then too emotional) Always try to find the best solution among all of its ways
About him
My man doesn’t know the words like “no”, “solve your problems on your own”, “it’s so difficult...”, he knows how to react and behave in different situations, who will never leave me to solve my problems on my own, when it’s time, my soulmate will be always next to me, he will be too close to my heart and soul and I will trust him as nobody else. When a man is a gentleman and well-mannered person, his lady will be always satisfied