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About myself
The fastest woman in the city! No jokes, im sporty and active, I do running, take part in the competitions and can train at any weather just because its my hobby and I like feeling fit.
Definitely im a happy and life loving person, you can almost always see me smiling. And you will find the ocean in my blue eyes. Are you good at diving? ;-)
My character is mostly impulsive like a kid, but I have a big heart,also I love animals.
I am fair and open, have good family values and try to care about those who I love.
I can say I am devoted woman and have storng orients about being in the couple.
About him
Im looking for a man who would be strong and decisive, someone who is more of acting rather than talking.
A man who wants to come and see me, who wants to create strong family and is ready to take my energy.