About myself
I have a romantic personality. There are so many wonderful things that world can show us. Old cities and meeting new people brings me a lot of pleasure. This is so amazing to learn about old places and its culture:) I value such qualities as sincerity and justice. Of course family takes the most important place in my heart. I want to create my own happy and strong family. I know that I am ready for this! My heart is full of love and warmth and I want to share it with my beloved)
About him
With all my heart I want to meet a person with whom I would feel safe and protected. I would like him to be strong and reliable. In men I value such qualities as understanding, honesty, generosity. For me it is very important to be with a man who is responsible and who is ready to take good care of his family. It would be great also if he is romantic person. Sometimes it is important not to loose such wonderful moments)
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