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About myself
What to say about myself? I remember that I was dressed up as a princess and walked in our yard at my parent`s place. Well, that was a small yard (I lived in a two-story house), and I knew everyone and everything there. I wore my mother`s long dress. My mama tied her high-heeled shoes to my feet with bows. I wore a light shawl on my head (for some reason it was a veil) and walked around the yard in that look, terribly pleased with myself.
About him
Do you know what is very important? 1. It is important to have a man who helps at home, cleans, cooks, and sometimes has a job. 2. It is important to have a man who has a sense of humor. 3. It is important to have a man who won`t deceive you. 4. It is important to have a good man who loves you. Very much! It`s very important! These four men do not know each other. Hahaha, this is of course a joke. And I hope you smile! I`m really looking forward to your answers!