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About myself
I am a romantic l, tender, calm, sociable, persistent, friendly, helpful and sensitive lady with a big kind heart, special honest intelligence, a good sense of humor and who is strong and ambitious at the same time. Frankly speaking, I know what I want in life and never give up. In addition to it, I am open to communication and for getting to know something new for myself. I toyed with the idea to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I am fond of jogging every morning and going to the gym two times a week. Apart from it, I am keen on cooking, traveling, animals, nature, plants, and flowers. Moreover, I like to spend my free time with my friends. It gives me a new portion of inspiration. I am passionate about learning foreign languages, traditions, and history. Every day I improve my education, I do my best to develop myself in different fields.
About him
My life belongs to me and I decided to change this situation, to fill it with love, passion, harmony, and new experiments. I am looking for my special man who will be attentive, loving, caring, cheerful, generous, tolerant, intelligent with a good sense of humor. I will appreciate his honesty and his strong character. I need someone who will take my breath away and make my heart beat faster.
I am ready to give all my love to my man who will treat and respect me. To tell the truth, I am so proud of people who are enough brave to show their feelings and if you show your interest and attention to me that would be nice. From my point of view, my real pleasure is a cocktail of mutual love, honest feelings, and words, sincere smiles, and hugs.