About myself
I prefer to think about myself as a reliable and sincere lady, who has all necessary features for being a gentle wife and a devoted mother. I am a cheerful personality with a good sense of humor. :) I am the person who at once can think about at least 3 positive issues when some sad event happen. ;) I have a good sense of humor, and I prefer to treat life in a positive way. Still I am a well-balanced lady, who knows when to be serious and concentrated. I believe that everything should be beautiful about a person – his or her thoughts, soul and appearance. We should not forget that world around us changes each day and each hour, and if we have to change with it. We should develop and improve ourselves! :)
About him
I am not looking for an ideal man, but a small girl lives inside each woman's soul, and this girl can't stop dreaming about a prince... ;) I imagine my future partner as a virile and responsible man. I would be happy if my future husband is intelligent and clever. I believe that it would be greatest happiness to spend my life with my soul-mate. As a well-balanced personality, I appreciate calm and cultured men. Of course, it is necessary for my man to be decent and honest. There is one important feature I have to mention – I would like my future partner to be flexible so that he would be able to find understanding with my son. I want to make my man happy and bring happiness to him! ;)
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