About myself
I consider myself a kind and responsive person. Besides I have a passionate heart.:) I am honest, sincere and trustworthy. I like children and enjoy spending time with them very much.:) I am a balanced person who appreciates simple moments of life. I prefer to stay always optimistic and positive.:)
About him
I am not searching for a perfect person and don’t really have a list of how my future partner must be. But of course, there are some features which I like. For example, I prefer my partner to be kind, intelligent, curious, generous, with many interests. I would like him to be reliable, understanding and supportive. I want to know that he is always there for me and I can rely on him. Of course, it’s important for me that he loves children and is a good father for my son. I wish him to be loving, caring and tender with me and giving me warmth of his heart.:) I wish to speak always with my partner and find together solution for any problem. Together everything is possible.:)
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