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About myself
What can I tell about myself? I am a woman with a big soul and an open heart. My kindness, care, sincerity is recognized instantly. I surround my family, beloved ones and friends with care. I am 101% frank and honest with my loved ones. I will always help and support. After all, this is the meaning of life. We must be responsive and fill this world with kindness. Sometimes I am very vulnerable and can take a lot to heart. This is both my strength and my weakness.
About him
I admire and appreciate responsible and reliable man who can create a small universe for the beloved woman, in which she will be loved, surrounded by care, warmth and attention. The generosity of a man shows that he is ready to be a strong shoulder for his soulmate and a stone wall that could protect a woman from all life's vicissitudes. I respect men who do not throw words to the wind. I think that a man should be able to respect and appreciate his woman. Kindness, the ability to hear and a sense of humor will create relationships filled with mutual understanding, support and ease.