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Single Women
About myself
I am a very friendly and hardworking person, any thing is easy for me. Diligence allows me not to get bored and use my time for the benefit of myself. Goodwill allows me to rejoice from the bottom of my heart in the victories of people close to me . I sincerely rejoice for the success and victories of friends and relatives , I cannot stand hypocrisy and lies. I myself try to help others and I believe that anyone should help and protect a loved one. Friends often tell me that I’m much fun. I have many friends,so I can say that I am outgoing and friendly.
About him
I am here to find my man, my best friend and partner in all the fun activities life has to offer! Age, country, appearance is not important, what matters really is that we are soulmates and enjoy our time together. I’m looking for a man who wants happiness in his life, someone who can appreciate a good, honest, real and kind woman in his life. I hope to find the man with strong family values which I will share with him!