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About myself
In terms of my character, I am a persistent, hard-working, enthusiastic, ambitious, open, creative and responsible person. I am a pleasant person to deal with and I can't lose my temper in difficult and stressful situations. I am always honest with myself because I believe only peace and harmony bring happiness in my inner world. Moreover, I enjoy simple things and appreciate every moment in my life. Actually, I am a very active person, I need to release energy somewhere. Besides that, I enjoy reading different literature to open my horizons and soak up the atmosphere of my inner world. Therefore, I am fond of cooking, dancing, climbing, cycling, traveling and stretching.
About him
I would like to find a man who understands me and helps me in different situations. Therefore, I am looking for a softhearted, passionate, mature, smart, careful, intelligent, open-minded, supportive and enthusiastic person. Moreover, It is very essential for me to find a family-oriented partner without harmful habits. We should have similar interests: be sporty, active, ambitious and love to travel. Frankly speaking, I want to see a partner who is ready to open his heart for new feelings. I am waiting for my man who is serious and at the same time sweet, romantic and spontaneous. He must set high standards and goals to achieve success to protect his family.