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Single Ladies
About myself
I am open and cheerful, smart and emotional, active and communicative. In fact, I am a woman and I can be different;) I adapt easily and forgive quickly. Changes are not scaring for me, they are exciting;) Loyalty is a must in relationships. I appreciate my friends and I am thankful to life for every day I have;) What we have in life depends on what steps we do, so I am sure that we are responsible for quality of our life. I love children and want to have them soon;)
About him
I am here because I want to meet a clever, self-confident man with good sense of humor. He is communicative and open minded, ready to help other people. My man is self-sufficing and not the one who complains on his life;) He wants to create a strong friendly family and is ready to become a father. I know that is not possible to find a perfect man as I am not perfect woman;) But if we can laugh at our own shortcomings and misunderstandings, we can be a very good couple, agree?;) If you add here respect and ability to see each other needs, we can easily make each other happy;)