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About myself
I am a calm, friendly and cheerful person who is always ready to help others. I may also tell that I am responsible, well-mannered, punctual, careful . If I don’t like something, I speak openly about it. I believe that it is the best way to live. I like to create comfort and a home atmosphere around me, be surrounded by beautiful things.
I never put my career on the first place. I think the most important for a woman to become a wife and mother.
I am keen on traveling, I do fitness, and love reading books on psychology. I prefer to spend my free time outdoors, camping, mountains and sea.
When I have time I do decoupage and scrapbooking. I love to create beauty.
I am a good cook and like to cook for a big company and then to decorate the dishes in an aesthetically beautiful way.
I like shopping, especially buying clothes and cosmetics.
About him
My man should be an ambitious and aim oriented person. If I feel his love, I will give my attention, care and tenderness tenfold.
It would be good if he could play sports and share some of my interests.
I can’t stand aggression and rudeness.
It’s not a priority for me to have material benefits, but I’d like my man to be with some achievements.
 I don’t see my relationships without love, trust and understanding. The country doesn’t matter for me, I’m ready to move.