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About myself
Friendly, I easily get acquainted and make friends. I like merry friendly parties. I like when the laughter can be heard around, it’s pleasant to feel myself needed in the circle of the people dear to me. I try to think well about people, there are more strong sides than weak sides in every person, it’s necessary to be able to distinguish it. Easy-going and active. I don’t like sitting at one place for a long time, I can spontaneously buy tickets for the plane and already tomorrow to walk along the block streets of Europe.I like dancing very much. I regularly visit the dance classes in salsa. I train both individually and in the group. I like reading books. I read different literature: classical and educational, I read a lot in German, I’m constantly looking for the new interesting textbooks of German to make my lessons more interesting for my students. I walk on foot around my home town with pleasure in my free time, I visit different exhibitions of the modern art, I like going to the cinemas to the latest films.
About him
My man is strong and responsible, will hold steady the door and will lend a hand, won’t let me lift heavy objects. Can accept the decisions that are about both of us. Can be surprised and can surprise. Likes stability and comfort in the life. The man who can be determined, decisive, laborious and caring. Will be able to become a respected and beloved husband. The main quality that should be in a man is the willpower, cordiality and responsibility for the family.