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About myself
With what to start telling about me? I am devoted, faithful and romantic person, having good sense of humor and patience for loved ones. I hate lies. My life principle - do not do to others what you would not want for yourself. I am person that strongly believes - Happiness exists!:) In one sentence I'd tell that I am "strong but gentle". In a relationship I want to be behind my man, not to dominate him, but if it is needed I am ready to be strong fortress where he'd like to be back every day. I love cosiness and to create it. In relationships the main trust and open communication. I love to give care and tenderness to my close people. The best rest for me is in the fresh air or on the river bank, or in the forest. And perfect evening - near the fireplace in the arms of beloved person.
About him
Most of all in men I appreciate responsibility, inner strongness, kindness, decency, and ability to make decisions. As a faithful and honest person, I'd like to meet the same man. If you ask me, and what about appearance, so I'll tell confidently that if man is my beloved, so for me he is always handsome! Here want to tell, for me is very important first of all to find my beloved man, because I'll be ready to move and like to live only in that country, where my beloved man lives, a place which I'll call "home", because there lives my love.