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About myself
I am a romantic, sensual and positive person. I prefer to live in a stream of events and miracles, rather than bored, ironic and collect disappointments. Sometimes I am pensive and silent. Sometimes I want an active pastime, a lot of communication and emotions.
I like to drink coffee in the morning with bitter chocolate, sunbathe in the hot soft sand under the summer sun, walk in the rain and snow, listen to music, read and take pictures of nature...) And I love driving!) I think that somewhere deep inside me there is still a small child who believes in miracles and is waiting for a fairy tale. I am still with incredible enthusiasm every year I look forward to the arrival of winter with strong snowstorms and the search for a gift under a Christmas tree decorated with toys)
I like to dream, I love children, and I also feel happy, when my relatives and close people are healthy and happy!
About him
I would like to meet on my life a man who would take my hand and lead me. Who would be my God, teacher, mentor, counselor, friend and lover in one person. Want to fall asleep with him in the arms and wake up next to him with a smile on his face. Be together in moments of joy and support each other in times of turmoil. Accept and love each other as we are in life. I want me and my man to be worthy of each other. I want to meet a person next to whom I will be safe, cozy and comfortable. With such a person, I would create a strong trusting relationship, envelop us with my warmth and love.