Beautiful Girls
About myself
It is important to start from the point that I appreciate family a lot, my daughter and her wonderful family:) I consider myself as a highly organized, compulsory and sensible person:) I always try to evaluate the situation and it’s core! When it comes to setting a goal and achieving it, I never give up:) But of course, I need to realize that it is logical, justified and interesting for me! I try to keep a healthy balance between my two natures as an introvert and extrovert:)))
About him
I suppose that everyone has an imagination of a beloved person with whom he/she would like to have relation. It is decisive thing as for me, because it is a person with whom I will spend all life long and will share everything! So, I see my man as versatile and independent person with different interests and kinds of activity:) He is both physically and mentally healthy… It comes from this point that he leads healthy life style, does not have bad habits and likes being active:) He has clear goals in life and knows how to make it real:) And I am sure that my man is searching for me...the same like I am:) See you soon, dear!;)