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Single Ladies
About myself
Everybody comes here to find their mates, that's why I am here. I had a bad experience in past relationships and I don't want to make it again with my future partner. The reason why I am here is that I don't want to stay alone in the future, I want to share all my life and interests with somebody who can understand me and love. I have a master's degree in psychology and right now it's my current job. All weekends I spend time in the theatre doing ballet. It's my love, passion, and hobby that I do for a long time. I am a many-sided person and nothing can stop me until I reach my goals in life. I can be busy but I never forget about my family, parents, and daughter whom I love a lot! I am kind and tender. I never forget to thank people for any reason. Sociable, caring, like traveling and I can't imagine my life without active days!
About him
I am looking for an attentive, hard-working, smiling man with a kind heart and eyes. The one, who is not self-confident, and can make compliments, and just be proud of me and my destinations in life. A person who can notice the details in everything. A good man is a real man, well-educated and gentleman