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Single Ladies
About myself
Without a doubt I can say that I’m a sunny and cheerful woman  with purposeful character. When I start a deal I always bring it to the end.:) But at the same time I am a person with a romantic, loving, soft, beneficent, calm and a bit vulnerable nature. My family is the most important for me and I try to do my best for them. In addition I am a big optimist and sure that world is a great place for living. :) I like learning new things and surely unfold new possibilities that life gives. I am family-oriented and desire to meet my beloved man and have a loving, friendly and strong family:)
About him
I  am looking for a mature, trustworthy  and understanding  man who is confident about life.  He has a wise mind and I don’t mind the age difference:) Surely he is kind, sympathizing, decent and caring. The most important is that he is responsible and ready to have a family. He is a good father and a loving husband –that would be a perfect combination for me. I think that he is the one who likes his home and spending time with his family. :) He is a person with open heart and who is kind and respectful to others. Just like me, I think he does not like sitting and doing nothing, because he active in everything he does in life. Well, to make it complete, I value good sense of humor and positive look to life in my man. :)