About myself
My close people tell me that I am sensible, calm and thoughtful person. But I know that I am person with sparkles in the eyes and love for life in my heart:) the truth is I am honest and responsible...positive and kind...and very tender! Still, I am more introvert than extrovert. So, I appreciate strong bonds between people which we build with the time. And care about every person in my life!
About him
As for qualities I appreciate the most and of course want to find in my beloved man...Firstly, I like people with a good sense of humour and with an open honest smile:) I also would like to see that my man is kind, intelligent, tender and decent! He does not mind to solve troubles and questions in life. And can understand woman and her needs. The last, but not the least for me...to find out that he is a great and passionate lover. So, we build our life in love and happiness
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