About myself
I believe I am kind-hearted and generous woman, that's why I don't appreciate agression and anger from other people... Being open-minded and communicative person, I feel myself as a soul of a company ;)) I like gathering with my friend and going on vacations together. And as every hospitable woman, I enjoy cooking something new for my friends, like something from hot and spicy Italian cuisine ;)
I am highly self-motivated person and I enjoy self-developing, as I don't want to stop. But at the same time I like being calm and sweet to my close people…
About him
Well, I see my Mr. Right as an active and vigorous man as I am! I hope he will enjoy discovering world, exploring new things and activities together with me… ;) This Man is motivated, grounded and know what he wants from this life. He is not afraid to set high goals and reach them, in return I will be his caring and supporting background ;) At the same time he is a devoted family man, who will be happy to take care of his beloved wife and kids...
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