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About myself
I am very calm, rarely anything annoys me, even the crying of a small child nearby (I now live with a friend and her baby). I really love nature and appreciate the time that I can devote to creativity. I always have a lot of ideas, but unfortunately there is not enough time to implement them. If I have a misunderstanding with someone, I always try to conduct a constructive dialogue and discuss the problem that has arisen. If something worries me, I try to say it and not accumulate it in myself (as misunderstanding gives rise to resentment, fears, etc.)
About him
The man of my dreams is a man who wants to create a family and have children, who is already fulfilled enough in his career that he can devote at least weekends to his family. He is purposeful, ready to conduct a dialogue, and not to remain silent if something in me does not tire him. I am an open person and I want my partner to share my attitude towards the way of problem solving.
My man should not mind if, for example, in addition to my family, I will also strive for creative and career fulfillment. This is the image that is now forming in my head and my heart